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You Are Redeemed

In my opinion, one of the biggest lies that keep people from beginning a walk with Jesus is that they are somehow not good enough for Him, or have done too much to be loved by Him. And honestly, I could not be more passionate about this topic. I think it is vitally important to understand that the love of Jesus and the power of His sacrifice on the cross are so much bigger than anything we could ever do on this earth.

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You Are Chosen

I so clearly remember being in PE when I was little. They would put us all in a big group and then the “team captains” would take turns choosing who they wanted on their team. I was super lucky when the team captain was one of my best friends, we would kind of wink at each other and I knew I would be chosen for their team quickly. But, when it wasn’t one of my besties, my lack of hand eye coordination often left me standing with the last couple of people in the group, heart racing, hoping I would be chosen before I was the last one and someone got stuck with me on their team.

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