Following Your Dreams

Cassidy Fuller from The Strong Tower Ministries

Cassidy Fuller from The Strong Tower Ministries

A little less than a year ago I was preparing to graduate college. At a time where the future should be brighter than ever and the final fruit of hard work right within grasp, my particular dreams couldn’t have been further from my reality.

I had realized I hated my degree, and the career path mapped out for me was a far cry from how I ever envisioned spending this life. My peace was nonexistent.

For the first time ever, this part of my life looked like a chapter of a book with half of the pages scribbled out. My next step was an unreadable blur of grey and black.

Sometimes life is like that. Things change rapidly without warning, and the story we had began to write starts to turn out nothing like we had first envisioned it to be.

What do we do in times like these when our future looks so uncertain?

After a lot of thought and prayer on what my next step should be, God showed me that I was trying to stay in the same chapter instead of turning to the next one. Each chapter of life is different, and if we stay reluctant to move on to the next one then it can result in a lack of peace, uncertainty, and no satisfaction.

See, God cares about our dreams. He single-handedly created us the way we are— talents, passions, and all! He’s put visions in our hearts for a reason, as well as a unique combination of abilities to carry those visions out. But sometimes we get a little hung up on our exact version of that vision that we miss out on God’s version.

Yes, God gives us dreams, but He then wants us to give them back to Him. If we aren’t willing to mold our purpose in life around Him, then anything we do will end up feeling empty. He must be the reason for our efforts, and the main plot of every chapter.

If you’re feeling stuck in your purpose in life… If your dreams aren’t becoming reality… If you’re unsure how you got to where you are today (and feeling no peace about it)… It’s time to turn to the next chapter!


Here’s a few things I’ve learned that make the page-turning a little easier:

1. Make Matthew 6:33 your life motto!

It’s so important that pleasing God and living a life solely for Him is our number one priority. He promises that if we do this, He will provide everything we need. This goes for physical resources like clothing and food, as well as spiritual needs like guidance and peace.

2. Establish a quiet time routine.

If you’re not getting in the Word and praying everyday, then your relationship with God won’t be as strong as it needs to be. It’s important to be close to Him so you can know His voice when He leads you into your next step.

3. Be ready for negative voices.

When we go off and start living a life for the Lord, it’s going to look a little different than what the world thinks it should look like. Sometimes we’ll encounter judgement from people who just don’t agree or understand what we’re doing. This might even come from people we love the most. Take heart! Jesus warned us of persecution and provides us with His peace, comfort and strength to carry on through it.

4. Finally, and most importantly, remember this: Just because things are feeling a bit off doesn’t necessarily mean you took a wrong turn somewhere. It may just mean that it’s time to turn to the next chapter.

Be open to new possibilities. Sometimes God makes changes in our dream plan. Embrace them, step forward in faith, and enjoy the plot twist!

Cassidy from The Strong Tower Ministries

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