December Favorites


Wow. I can’t believe Christmas is already over!!!

This season was a big old mixture of really sweet and really hard for me. And I know it probably was for most other people. Christmas always seems to be filled with all sorts of joy and all sorts of hardship mixed together. But overall, this season is supposed to be about Jesus, and the crazy thing is that His story is filled with an incredible amount of joy, and an unthinkable amount of pain. It blows my mind to think about what this season truly means for us as believers in Jesus. It’s truly everything.

Well, on a much more shallow note, I want to share some things that made me really really happy this month. There are some things that are traditional, things I love every single December, and others were new this month. Things I just loved all the time. So here we go!

Last minute (1).png

1. I’m pretty sure I wore these checkered vans every single day this month. They honestly make every single outfit look a little better.

2. This Levi’s jean jacket has actually been my favorite accessory for over a year now. It goes with everything and somehow makes every outfit look more “put together” immediately.

3. All the hype about the Levi’s wedgie fit jeans is true. I held out from buying them for a long time. But, they really are flattering on every body shape, and they hold their shape after being washed. I love them!!

4. Ok, this next thing is one of my current favorites in general. This shop is completely wonderful in all the ways. Redefined Jewelry is an online jewelry shop run by the sweetest girl named Gena, she started her business to support the child she sponsored from Compassion International, and then grew the business into the most incredible little encouraging corner of the internet. She hand makes each and every piece, and prays over it while she makes it. Her heart is to encourage girls in who they are in Christ and remind them how loved they are. I can’t get enough of her shop and her blog! Go check it out for sure!

5. I received this candle as a gift this month and I am obsessed! I burned it nonstop. It smells exactly like what Christmas is supposed to smell like.

6. I have tried to sway away from this face wash multiple times and every time I come running back. The Fresh Soy Face Wash is my all time favorite. It is so gentle on the skin without sacrificing any of the important cleansing properties. My face always feels so soft and never breaks out after using it. Which is saying a lot from a girl who has fought with acne for 11 years strong.

7. I got this Sharper Image Weighted Blanket for Christmas, and although I have only had it for one day I am totally in love. Its so soft and seriously the most calming.

8. This is by far my new favorite moisturizer. Yes, I use mostly Fresh face products, but they are genuinely my favorite. This moisturizer is so light, soaks in really fast, and smells seriously yummy. I can’t get enough of it!

9. I used these Dr. Jart sheet masks when we were traveling from CA to CO earlier this month! I always break out from dry skin when I travel because of the airplane, but I used this mask after I got off the plane both times and I never broke out. Definitely a winner!

10. Fuzzy socks are forever my favorite thing. But especially during the month of December. Seriously, is there anything cozier? These little guys from Urban Outfitters are super soft and warm, and affordable.

So there is a list of my top 10 favorite things from this month! I love you all, and I hope you had a sweet day yesterday remembering who Jesus is, and the Love he showed us when He came to this earth as a baby. Keep your eyes out for some new years posts coming up soon!

I love, love, love you all!

Sarah Paige